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Why is the transition to closed heat supply systems impossible in the near future?

Why is the transition to closed heat supply systems impossible in the near future?

Long debates have been held about what to prefer in a residential apartment building. Some experts assure that the new closed heat supply system is the best option, and the supporters of the classical approach vote for already utilized open structures. What should one prefer to do?

Advantages and disadvantages of open heat supply system

Open systems have demonstrated the presence of a huge number of disadvantages:

  • High cost of heat energy for heating and treatment of hot water;
  • Large waste of fuel in the process of supplying the resources of the whole building;
  • High costs for maintenance of heating networks and boiler rooms;
  • High heat loss and its lack when feeding the end user;
  • High cost of chemical water treatment.


But there are obvious advantages of the open structures:

  • There is never a complete stop of the circulation of resources, since it is a matter of using several sources of water simultaneously;
  • Heat carrier is always treated as needed in the CHP or boiler room;
  • Most of the buildings in Russia and the CIS countries use the open type of heat supply structure, in particular, it is a well-functioning structure.

Pros and cons of closed heat supply systems

Increasingly, technical literature and media reports indicate that the closed heat supply system is required in apartment buildings. Proponents of this theory argue as follows:

  • Reducing the cost of heating and hot water for the residents;
  • Larger safety;
  • Possibility of using more modern temperature control sensors.

However, the shortcomings are more than enough:

  • Despite the ongoing disputes, the water in the closed system will also have to be treated using specialized reagents, especially when it comes to high hardness, because it is impossible to remove the scale from the closed system;
  • The service will require watchful control of the qualified locksmith.

And the most important con, characterizing the closed heat supply system is the need of huge financial investments in modernization and repair of already existing communications. No Russian region can afford this, so the mass transfer of the buildings to closed systems is only in distant plans for all concerned parties.