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Why are the buildings’ IHP installed?

Why are the buildings’ IHP installed?

If you have not yet come to the decision of installing the buildings’ IHP, and still think about it, we remind you that this design allows you to:

  • Control how much heat energy is supplied to the heat supply system. And you can do with the temperature different from that of the supplying pipeline, and that is supplied into the "return pipeline". This makes it possible to control the heating quality.
  • Regulate the processes of hot water circulation. If necessary, it will be possible to reduce the heat content to a level approved by various standards.
  • Reduce to a minimum the error of metering devices, which are installed by the heat supply organization.
  • Solve the problem of the scale in the heat exchangers.

What is the profit of the IHP installation

However, the main advantage of the buildings’ IHP is that every year their cost becomes more and more accessible to the tenants of the multi-apartment buildings and production companies, consuming large amounts of electricity. It also occupies the minimum possible useful area, being located in a basement or in a technical premise. And, finally, it is quite cheap in the process of operation, because it requires only remote control.

The company “Regional Energy Efficiency Office” offers the installation of the buildings’ IHP. You choose exactly which components to use. It can be domestic or foreign manufacturers – it’s all about the price. All the technologies we use have been tested and successfully used by our customers for years. At the same time, the values, weight and dimensions of our units are much better than those of the competitors.

If desired, these designs can be equipped with automatic climate regulation. This makes it possible to change the temperature of the heat carrier supplied to the building according to the ambient temperature.