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What is the process of preparing the energy performance certificate of the organization?

What is the process of preparing the energy performance certificate of the organization?

The issue of energy efficiency arises, not only in the operation of the enterprise, used automated units, such as metal machines or conveyor systems, but also in the operation of any organization. This peculiarity is connected with consumption of water, gas, electricity and heat energy for household and other purposes. Constant price increase of the mentioned resources will be the main reason for the leadership finding alternative ways out of the situation, which is the decision to make energy performance certificate of the organization.

Why is energy performance certificate of the organization is needed and who prepares it?

Decision to reduce resource consumption by any enterprise should be based on some statistical information. For such numbers to be the most objective, it is expedient to address the external expert. This step will provide expert evaluation of the following modules:

  • Boiler room, regardless of the type of fuel used;
  • System of water and gas supply;
  • Automated electric devices with high power;
  • Refrigeration and other aggregates used to store products.

In each of these cases, assistance of a specialist, preparing an energy performance certificate of the organization, will allow to make conclusions on when the resources are used impractically, and find the best way out of the situation.

What is the procedure of preparation of the submitted technical documentation

The process of preparation of a document such as the energy performance certificate of the organization, including information about the location and details of the company, is as follows:

  • Check the status of individual modules, the operation of which involves the use of energy resources;
  • Recording the fact of presence or absence of counters;
  • Analysis of water, gas, heat and electricity consumption over the past five years;
  • Conclusions on expediency of use of certain resource for support of functioning of the enterprise;
  • Recommendations to improve energy efficiency.