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What are the advantages of the IHP installation in the multi-apartment building?

What are the advantages of the IHP installation in the multi-apartment building?

To reduce the cost of heat supply, an individual heat point (IHP) is installed in the multi-apartment building. This provides warmth to everyone who lives in each individual apartment, which is at least a hundred, if not two hundred, apartments, and at least 300-400 inhabitants.

The company “Regional Energy Efficiency Office” takes over the selection of equipment for such units. In the course of work, the designers pick up the equipment, and do it with a small margin, so that the hot water was available in the building at any time of the day, and the heat was supplied in full.

How to optimize the cost of the heat supply

We determine the cost of the multi-apartment building for the customers. We understand that the order process in this case is delayed for several months until the tenants collect the necessary amount.

In order to optimize the costs, we provide for several variants of this design:

  • Using domestic equipment and components of foreign production (Germany, Denmark, Italy);
  • Equipped with automatic system, correcting the level of heat supply depending on weather conditions, or without it;

Many of the solutions offered by us have long been tested by our clients who can responsibly declare: all expenses connected with installation of the IHP in a multi-apartment building, have paid off during one, maximum two heating seasons. And now the owners of the apartments in these buildings pay for the supplied heat much less than their neighbors.

In order to manufacture this heating unit, the project is prepared. It is developed by the designers of our company, based on the conditions of operation and wishes of the users. Contact us, we will help to optimize your expenses and solve all arisen issues.