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Thermovision inspection method of the apartment control

Thermovision inspection method of the apartment control

Thermovision inspection method of the apartment control

The modern construction market offers quite a large selection of contractors, which, in fact, leads to a decline in the quality of construction and finishing and installation works. Apartment building is also far from perfect. In the arithmetical progression there is an increase in court proceedings due to the low quality of construction. Expert thermovision inspection of the apartment is a great opportunity to substantiate claims against dishonest developers.

The positive outcome of such proceedings depends on concrete facts of building errors. Claims, supported by this technological test, cannot be refuted by the management companies, and you are guaranteed a favorable judgement in these disputes. Thermovision inspection of the apartment is carried out in several stages. For these activities you can hire a company specializing in energy audit of buildings. “Regional Energy Efficiency Office” carries out high-quality diagnostics of real estate by modern thermal imaging cameras, guided by GOST 54852-2011.

Our advantages:

  1. The enterprise is equipped with high-precision equipment.

  2. We employ professionals who have received a corresponding higher education (in the engineering and construction sector).

  3. Each employee has a qualification certificate from State Construction Supervision and Inspection Service of the Russian Federation (SACS).

  4. Thermovision inspection of an apartment is a safe way of carrying out diagnostic measures as it is a contactless method.

  5. We also produce quality control of the construction.

  6. This technology helps to detect and document the fixation of all obvious and latent technical defects during construction.

  7. In the process of detection of latent heat losses are included checks of all elements of the apartment (including walls, double-glazed windows, ceiling planes, interior apertures, floors, loggias, etc.).

  8. We have reasonable prices and short terms of performance of the assigned tasks.