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Not fully bimetallic radiators

Not fully bimetallic radiators

Not fully bimetallic radiators

Heat supply is a very important functional system in any room, and especially in a residential facility. Individual heat points of the buildings differ from other IHP with their versatility and possibilities of constant modernization for more economy, and also it is the best variant in order to create harmony in the interior.

Our company “Regional Energy Efficiency Office” will install and maintain your building heat supply system, including projects such as individual heat points of the buildings in private sector and in the cottage village. We carry out standard and complex measures for commissioning, installation, debugging of heating units and accompanying support systems. All works are made on legal grounds and permits of State Construction Supervision and Inspection Service of the Russian Federation (SCSIS). Our high-class experts are ready to prepare unique projects for you and to introduce the improving functionality of innovations in already existing systems.

Not fully bimetallic radiators

These products have exclusively vertical pipes for water circulation. As a result, the problem of excessive pressure is eliminated, but the corrosion of aluminum coating is not prevented, since aluminum will constantly contact with the heat carrier. The predominant number of domestic and Chinese radiators are manufactured according to the described technology.

Such units are presented in the form of a copper coil, housed in a special case. This equipment is capable to function at pressure of up to 40 atmospheres. Optimal thermal conductivity of copper and its minimal susceptibility to corrosion processes make such radiators versatile, but expensive aggregates, allowing to keep warmth and comfort in a building.

We install bimetallic radiators and other units, embedding them into individual heat points of buildings. Our enterprise performs works at the best prices and in a short time, all agreements are executed with due seriousness and responsibly. We provide a guarantee for our works.