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IHP installation

IHP installation

There are several main parts in the heating unit, which include elevator, sensors and pressure regulators, as well as other components. They perform various tasks, without which the heat supply system of the building could not operate. The water in the line is fed to high-pressure supply. This value is higher than that necessary for the serviceability of the system.

To debug such unpleasant nuances the employees of the company "Regional Energy Efficiency Office", carry out regulation and adjustment of the heating unit. Adaptation and installation of individual heat points is a transition from an outdated heat supply system to a more modern type of heating equipment. This version of the heating equipment is quite new, but it has already proved itself in the appropriate market.

Important assemblies

One of the important instruments is the pressure regulator. If the exceeded mode of the permissible value occurs, this valve starts operating in a cavitation manner. Also, it is required to mount a filter, before the water meter. This is how the installation of individual heat points occurs. Currently, the most common electromagnetic meters and related devices are elevator-like.

An important aspect of installing the equipment is the qualification of the master. Our organization employs professionals who have corresponding training and experience, as well as permits to this type of works. Contact our organization, and we will offer you high-quality installation of individual heat points. We also conclude heating service contracts and contracts for other types of related work. We have reasonable prices and extensive work experience, as well as all permits documents from the State Construction Supervision and Inspection Service of the Russian Federation.