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How the price of thermovision inspection research is formed

How the price of thermovision inspection research is formed

If you ready to conduct energy audit of your private home, apartments in a new building that is being prepared for delivery, or warehouses where frozen food is stored, you are probably thinking about the price of the thermovision inspection.

What are the components of the cost

We have approached the process of forming the price of our services based on a rational approach. On the one hand, we must ensure their accessibility to consumers. On the other hand, we should be able to provide the service at a high-quality level. This means that we take care of the following parameters.

Skill level of the specialists

We cannot allow studies to be conducted by untrained staff. We employ only those who have:

  • Qualification certificates by the State Construction Supervision and Inspection Service of the RF;
  • Higher engineering and construction education.

In the course of works, they constantly improve the level of their professionalism. The salary component is one of the most serious in the formation of the price for thermovision inspection.

Equipment precision level

We use the high-precision thermal imaging cameras manufactured by NEC (joint development of the USA and Japan). We would like to draw your attention to the fact that not all thermovision inspection studies are equally accurate, and therefore we ask you to be attentive if you are addressing not our company. Often in pursuit of high profits people turn to low-performance equipment.

Careful analysis of the results obtained

We use special programs that allow us to conduct clear and accurate interpretation of the received visual data. The work of highly qualified specialists is also involved.

Thus, the price of the thermovision inspection by “Regional Energy Efficiency Office” is optimal and allows to guarantee high quality of conducted researches.