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Description of the energy efficiency class plates

Description of the energy efficiency class plates

Federal Law No. 261 "On energy saving" obliged all owners of apartment buildings to install on the facades of buildings special plates indicating energy efficiency class. It is not permissible to indicate the energy efficiency class of the MAB that does not correspond to the facts, which is an administrative offense.


What data should be indicated on the energy efficiency class plates?

At the end of the first half of 2015, the RF Government adopted a resolution that clearly specifies the rules of installation and appearance of the plate.
The document states that the plates indicating energy efficiency class must be made of metal and be of 30 cm by 30 cm in size. In the center of a square table it is necessary to specify the letter which testifies the class of energy efficiency of the apartment building, and below, it’s the letter is explained. The energy efficiency class must be specified when considering the Russian classification, not foreign.
The place of placing of a sign is also important. It should be no more than 0.5 meters from the left corner of the facility and 2 meters from the ground.

Who is responsible for the placement of the plates?

FZ No. 261 "On energy saving" ambiguously indicates the obligation of the developers to place the plates indicating energy efficiency class on each facade of their MABs. To identify performance indicators, it is necessary to refer to specialists from the State Construction Supervision and Inspection Service or other authority depending on the local rules of a particular region. But the owners or representatives of HOA and other responsible persons, other than the developers, whose data are indicated in the House documents shall take care of the invitation of the specialists to conduct research.
According to the class of energy efficiency of the building, the size of the rent for its tenants is calculated. Class "A" means that the resources in the house are distributed as efficiently as possible, therefore, the volume of communal payments in such a house will be significantly lower than in the building, which assigned the "E" class of energy efficiency of the building. But it is necessary to consider that indicators "D" and "E" can be characteristic only to old buildings, and all that is higher – to new and reconstructed buildings.
The Government of the Russian Federation believes that the addressing the issue of how to determine the class of energy efficiency of the building, can significantly affect the market value of housing, changing it both in the large and the smaller side.