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The dependence of the payment of utility services on the class of energy efficiency of the building

The dependence of the payment of utility services on the class of energy efficiency of the building

To determine the class of energy efficiency of the MBA, it is necessary not only to consume resources more rationally, saving the planet. For the state this indicator is also important because it allows to determine the volume of communal payments for the tenants of apartment buildings. How can this happen? The logic here is extremely simple: the higher the energy efficiency of the building, the less resources are wasted, therefore, the tenants are deprived of the need to pay for wasted electricity, water and heating.

Impact of the energy efficiency class on the utilities payment

If the residential building is assigned a class of energy efficiency A, then all the resources entering the building are used as intended and without significant waste. Thus, people living in such building, pay only those utilities which were actually consumed.

Let's consider another example: the residential building belonging to the so-called old fund, has the class of energy efficiency of the MAB, denoted by letter “G”. This is the minimum indicator, which means that more than 70% of resources are wasted, respectively, the tenants significantly overpaid. Why is this happening? It is not difficult to imagine how much heat leaks through cracked window frames, water - to periodically braking pipelines, and in winter when it is cold, the tenants may also use electric heaters to keep warm. Hence, they receive the shocking bills. Restoration of the building will solve this problem by increasing the energy efficiency class by several points at once.

Russia has not yet implemented a project that will regulate the price of housing, taking into account the class of energy efficiency. But in some Western countries this practice already exists. This is especially true for Canada, where the saving of resources is extremely attentive. The apartments in the buildings with high class are more expensive, but it does not deter potential buyers, because they understand that in the future they will have to pay much less for utilities, and the standard of living in such a house will be significantly higher.

Documents defining the method of calculating energy efficiency

The order of determination of the class of energy efficiency of the building is explained in Order of the Ministry of Construction of Russia No. 399/pr dated 06.07.17. The Order contains a list of standards to be executed when determining the energy efficiency class of the MAB and other objects.