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The benefits of the building thermovision inspection

The benefits of the building thermovision inspection

Diagnosis of the building with the use of thermal imaging camera allows you to get an objective picture of the energy efficiency of the Building and make conclusions about the quality of construction. Furthermore, thermovision inspection of the building has a number of other advantages, which can be used by both the developer and the buyer of real estate.

Operative elimination of deficiencies before delivery of the object

It is possible to carry out scanning with the help of thermal imaging camera even at the stage of production of rough works after installation of doors and windows. In this case, timely identification of defects will help to avoid large financial losses if the same shortcomings were discovered after the facility was put into operation. The customer has an opportunity to demand from the developer to eliminate defects or to reduce the cost of works that have been executed with violations.

Insurance against the purchase of a low-quality building

If you plan to buy a finished cottage, the thermovision inspection of the building will help to avoid unprofitable acquisition. By performing the scan, the specialists of “Regional Energy Efficiency Office” will provide a report with all the deficiencies inside and outside the building. Thermovision inspection equipment reveals 90% of hidden defects that cannot be detected by other methods.

Thermovision inspection report is a strong argument in court

In case of controversial issues with the contractor in the pre-trial or court, the report on the television scanning is a strong argument for the protection of your interests. The document will help to prove that the developer:

  • Made errors at the design stage;
  • Violated construction technology;
  • Produced low-quality insulation, installation of window and door frames, equipment;
  • Saved on materials.

Savings on future repairs

The funds invested in the thermovision inspection of the building will save a lot of money. Diagnostics with the help of thermal imaging camera gives an opportunity to clearly see weak spots and not to try to improve energy efficiency of the building "by touch". The client will know exactly what the problem of heat loss is: poorly installed window, insulation not sufficiently thick, defects of the foundation or poor quality of the roof.