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Why do you need module IHP?

Why do you need module IHP?

Individual heat points made from separate modules (abbreviated – module IHP) are factory-made. They are designed to be installed in the premises of heat points of buildings and structures. The main task is to connect heat consumption to water heating networks. These systems are:

  • Heat supply;
  • Ventilation;
  • Hot water supply.

Tasks they perform:

  • Commercial accounting of hot water consumption;
  • Similar accounting of heat consumption;
  • Control of parameters of heat carriers;

Thanks to the module IHP, the heat consumption processes are optimized, the resources of heating, hot water supply and heat supply start to be rationally consumed.

Design features

The module IHP are functionally finished products, each of which works independently. For this purpose, it is mounted on a separate frame. The main components are added with plate heat exchangers, pumps, devices for automatic regulation, as well as pressure gauges (manometers), temperature gauges (thermometers). Furthermore, there is a locking and control valve in the design, which keeps the module in a static state.

Only high-quality materials from the world manufacturers are used for the production of this item, since the accuracy is important here.

Among the advantages of using these systems, there are simplification of the process of improvement of those heat supply systems that already exist and are operated in the multi-apartment buildings. Due to such devices, there is a possibility of significant improvement of parameters of heat efficiency of the building and reduction of expenses on payment for heat carriers. Even in those places where it is difficult to reach (for example, in the basements), there is a possibility of quick installation.