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Why do you need the IHP in the building?

Why do you need the IHP in the building?

If you have never encountered the installation of an individual heat point (IHP), then we are ready to tell and explain what it is and what it is used for and what benefits it brings to those who are going to install it.

Defining the concepts

First of all, let's define this concept. The IHP in the building is a complex of various plumbing devices, which main task is to connect the consumer to the network. This unit solves several tasks:

  • Heat distribution;
  • Heat input account;
  • Regulation of the level of heat supply;
  • Control of the input parameters of the heat carrier, which is supplied to the radiators of the end users.

The source of heat in this case is the thermal power plant (TPP), which provides heat to a particular multi-apartment building. The IHP in the building can significantly reduce the cost of heat, which is allocated to the building, through more detailed accounting.

This heating unit can be located in a separate building, and if necessary – in the basement of the serviced building. Depending on these facts, it is possible to choose those designs which are factory-assembled and are connected to a separate building, or those which are brought to a place in semi-ready form, mounted in the basement and are assembled on site.

The company "Regional Energy Efficiency Office" is ready to offer you the development of the IHP project in the building, control its production, as well as subsequent installation on site. We have many years of experience in solving such problems, and the technical solutions offered by us give an opportunity to recoup investments in modernization of the heat supply system during one heating season. For assembling of such heating units, the domestic or European equipment is used, it all depends on what option you choose.