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Why do I need energy performance certificate of the enterprise?

Why do I need energy performance certificate of the enterprise?

Today, the energy performance certificate is mandatory for state and municipal institutions and organizations that consume more than 50 million rubles per year.

What is preparation of the energy performance certificate? What data are required by the company preparing it to start working?

What data are required?

First, the information, that the enterprise under investigation already has, is required. There's nothing complicated about it, just submit the following:

  • Information on what products the company sells, what services it provides;
  • Whether the structural units and workshops of the enterprise are equipped with counters of certain types of energy – from electricity to gas and water;
  • How resources have been used for the last five years;
  • What equipment is used in the work, broken down by plots;
  • Which buildings and structures are on the balance sheet and what is their role in the organization of the production process;
  • What energy saving measures are already being carried out at the enterprise and what effect has been achieved;
  • What employees in the company are responsible for energy saving.

Once this information is received, "Regional Energy Efficiency Office" is responsible for the preparation of the energy performance certificate. It conducts energy audit of the facility. The obtained conclusions are processed with the help of special computer programs, which analyze the state of heat protection of the premises, sources of heating losses and other parameters. Based on the received information the conclusion is issued.

The energy performance certificate preparation is thus completed, and the process of coordination in the Ministry of Energy begins. At this stage, our company also provides assistance, because we know the requirements that are presented to such documents.