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Who requires an energy performance certificate and for what purpose?

Who requires an energy performance certificate and for what purpose?

Contract, which is based on the data obtained in the course of the energy audit (survey), is called energy performance certificate.

What data should be entered?

The rules and procedure of registration of documents are prescribed by Law FZ "On energy saving” No. 261 Art. 15, paragraph 7, specifying that the document should contain the following information:

  • what devices of energy metering are installed in the building, whether they are sufficient, whether they conform to legislative regulations;
  • what is the volume of the consumed energy resources in the dynamics for a certain time period, most often annual information is used;
  • what is the energy efficiency indicator in the building;
  • what is the forecast of possible resource savings and the overall potential for energy savings;
  • what activities are possible in a particular case in order to achieve increased energy efficiency and improve the indicators of energy saving.

When it comes to energy performance certificate for the organization engaged in the transfer of certain energy resources, the document also indicates the data on the loss of energy resources transferred.

Absence of the energy performance certificate

The inspectors should receive energy performance certificate  of a building from the responsible persons at the first request. If this does not happen, the administrative fine shall be imposed on a citizen or an organization that does not perform its duties in good faith. A natural person will have to pay 5,000 rubles, and legal person – 10,000 rubles. Moreover, the payment of the fine does not eliminate the need issue an energy performance certificate to the facilities concerned.

If the organization evades the implementation of programs aimed at improving energy efficiency and energy saving, then its representatives will be charged a fine of up to 50,000 rubles, and the legal persons - up to 100,000 rubles.

Rules of registration energy performance certificate

The document shall be filled up by a qualified specialist from the SRO responsible for energy efficiency in the entrusted territory. The inspection is carried out every five years, following the issuance of the relevant document. The regular inspection means the renewal of the energy performance certificate and the addition of up-to-date data, based on which the utility services in the building will be billed.

All information about inspections and data entered in the energy performance certificate, are prescribed in FZ No. 261 dated 2012.