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What sections are included in the energy performance certificate

What sections are included in the energy performance certificate

Legislation in the field of energy efficiency prescribes the enterprises that spend over 50 million rubles per year on their power supply, to compulsory engage in a procedure such as issuance of the energy performance certificate. Let’s find out how to make it faster, cheaper and without unnecessary expenses for the working time of the employees.

To this end, it is necessary to find the corresponding company, which is the registered SRO on energy efficiency, and is able to solve all your problems.

Which sections are included in the energy performance certificate?

All these rules are prescribed in the relevant law, which is memorized by the specialists of the contractor companies engaged in such services as the issuance of the energy performance certificate. In order for your employees to understand what this document is, we suggest you to familiarize yourself with its contents.

First, there are standard sections:

  • General information about the organization and peculiarities of its functioning;
  • Products produced by the enterprise, or services that the firm offers on the market;
  • A small reference on buildings and structures, which are on the balance in the property of the enterprise and in the lease;
  • Information on how energy resources were used during the last five-year period.

All this is provided by the employees of the company that orders the conduct of energy audit and issuance of the energy performance certificate. The following parameters are measured in the process of work of invited specialists.

Availability of electricity, heat and gas meters

Each such accounting instrument should be reflected in the prepared document. It is also necessary to remember that there is still a meter of liquid fuel consumption, if it is necessary to ensure the technological process.

Description of the equipment involved in the main and auxiliary production processes

All machines and equipment are described in terms of consumption of all types of energy. This will help to determine the normative consumption of resources.