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At what price is it possible to buy a system of climate regulation of heat energy?

At what price is it possible to buy a system of climate regulation of heat energy?

Any building requires heat energy climate control system to optimize energy costs and eliminate its overconsumption. It doesn't matter if it's a residential building or not. Care for the purchase, installation and further maintenance of such construction should be taken by the representatives of the management company. Typically, the costs of all CCS-related activities are paid by the tenants from the amount collected at overhaul. 

What is the price of buying and installing a climate control system?

The cost of buying and installation depends on the elements of the heat energy climate control system, their manufacturer and what targets are planned to be achieved through the installation of the device. Imported equipment is traditionally more expensive than Russian, but it is not necessary to assume that it is better by some criteria. Most often, the increased cost is caused by the costs of transportation and storage. But the prices of components for the system vary significantly:

  • Circulating pump - from 10 to 40 thousand rubles;
  • Control valve controlled by electric drive - from 60 thousand rubles;
  • Electric cabinet in the assembly - from 10 to 85 thousand rubles;
  • Other components - from 10 thousand to infinity.

Each heat energy climate control system is unique, you can calculate its value in advance only after careful examination of the conditions where the construction will be installed. Here it is possible to include the storeys of the building, its condition, class of energy efficiency, number of apartments, condition of communications and many other things. On average, the purchase of a system of climate regulation for a multi-family multi-apartment building costs 100 – 500 thousand rubles. The spread is great, you need to understand that this purchase will be very costly, but all the investments will pay off for a maximum of one year, or a few months of use of the updated thermal system.