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What is IHU of heat energy accounting and why do you need it?

What is IHU of heat energy accounting and why do you need it?

Every building is mandatory equipped heat supply system. In common it is called a heating unit. It comprises quite a lot of different techniques, which controls, transports, redistributes, measures...

Considering the structure of the heating unit

There are two pipelines in the heating unit – supplying and return, therefore there must be individual point of accounting of heat energy installed.

The peculiarity of the supplying unit is that there should be devices measuring the temperature and pressure at its input. This system is designed to work with a relatively large number of consumers, which are far from each other, as well as from the source of heat generation. Therefore, the network itself must maintain excessive pressure and temperature. And thanks to such measurements, the IHP can function properly.

If you apply low-quality types of metering devices, the probability of a breakthrough heating is high. Pressure in the unit is controlled by a pressure gauge after the valve. Then there is a thermometer that shows the temperature in the pipeline.

That’s the way how the necessary resources are supplied to the building, in the form of hot water and heat. And these indications in the IHP should be duplicated on the electronic heat-calculation, which is in the individual point of accounting of heat energy and is registered in special state services.

Legal installation of the system and metering devices

There are several ways of legal installation of such a system in the territory of Russia. The main requirement in such works is permission from SACS (State architectural construction supervision).

  1. You invite our qualified organization, which has permission for such works from SACS and can provide qualified staff to implement the project. Our company also installs measuring instruments, including individual heat point of accounting of heat energy. We provide a guarantee for the produced works and fast terms of execution.

  2. Or you can call an employee of the heating network, who works directly in the heat supply state organization and has permit to such works. However, such services are provided without guarantee and are made without much desire and half-assedly.