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What factors do influence the price of the energy performance certificate?

What factors do influence the price of the energy performance certificate?

The budgeting of any company in most cases is based on the consumption of certain resource. Constant growth of the price for water, gas, heat and electricity push the leadership of many firms to search for alternative options of energy consumption. One way to improve this situation is the idea to receive an energy performance certificate, which price depends on the type of company activity. Due to the specificity of the procedure presented, it is advisable to entrust its implementation is an experienced specialist who will objectively approach the problem and be able to provide professional conclusions.

What does the price of the energy performance certificate depend on?

Today, many firms, both having production capacities, and leading office activity, address the external experts for the purpose of preparation of technical documentation. Such a step will provide an expert assessment of the functioning of the following modules:

  • System of water and gas supply at the enterprise;
  • Boiler room and other devices used for heating of working premises;
  • Electrical units used for metalworking, as well as other technical equipment;
  • Refrigeration and compressor units.

In each of the cases presented, the price of the energy performance certificate will depend on the amount of work done by the specialist.

Work that provided for the preparation of technical documentation

The procedure for such a technical documentation, as the energy performance certificate which price depends on the professionalism of the employee involved and the number of the facilities, the analysis of energy consumption will be carried out by specialized companies. It should be noted that repeated certification of the document is performed no later than once every five years. Each such project shows the power consumption of the company during the specified period and must have conclusions about the expediency of using particular resources.