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What factors affect the cost of thermovision inspection

What factors affect the cost of thermovision inspection

Today, thermovision inspection is considered an innovative direction in diagnosing the quality level of construction. Sometimes many firms, taking advantage of their position in the market, require inadequately a lot of money for their services. Our “Regional Energy Efficiency Office” carefully generates the cost of a thermovision inspection, paying attention to its level being available to our customers. Let’s consider those parameters that affect the determination of the amount that the customer should pay in more detail.

Factors taken into account

The experts distinguish not so many similar characteristics which are taken into account at formation of the final price. What are the factors involved?

Area of investigation

It is clear that the cost of thermovision inspection of a private building, even if large in size, commensurate with similar services for warehouses, where refrigerated or frozen products are stored. This is because the area of the latter is much larger than that of the building. And speaking of the Apartment buildings and administrative buildings, then the area will be even more, therefore, the price rises.

Quality of investigation

If the company guarantees high accuracy of all research without exception, it speaks about the quality of the product it offers in the market. We distinguish three factors influencing quality in our company:

  • Used equipment – we use thermal imaging cameras of the Japanese company NEC, which are distinguished by increased accuracy;
  • Qualification of employees – we employ only those specialists who have higher profile education and qualification certificate of the Russian State Construction Supervision and Inspection Service;

Based on abovementioned, we tried to optimize the cost of thermovision inspection, based on average prices and the demand for such services among different categories of our clients.