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What are the stages of performing a thermal audit?

What are the stages of performing a thermal audit?

We hope that if you read this article, you are already sure that carrying out thermovision inspection is a mandatory element that precedes the commissioning of a residential building or the delivery of a large family country mansion. Furthermore, this procedure is considered useful if your company has warehouses for refrigerated or frozen foodstuffs, pharmaceuticals, chemical reagents, perfumes or cosmetics.

Stages of the thermal audit

When you order a thermovision inspection, you clearly understand that this procedure consists of two main stages.

Instrumental research

It takes a lot of time and is done directly on-site. It includes:

  • For industrial premises where refrigerated and frozen goods are stored – quality control of thermal insulation, identification of places where coolant leakages occur;
  • For apartment buildings, rentable into operation – thermal protection of the enclosing structures;
  • For private country residences – construction defects are identified and the quality of the protective thermal casing is assessed.

The received pictures are called thermograms. They serve as information for the next phase of the thermovision inspection.

Defect analysis

This phase includes work with a special program that analyses the existing images obtained during the previous phase. As a result of their processing, a map of defects and abnormal zones is created, classification of the existing defects is carried out, and their temperature characteristics are also given. Furthermore, it is important to provide recommendations for the removal of detected defects. This data is the basis for the preparation of the report, which is provided to the customer as a result of rendering the service.