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What are module individual heat points?

What are module individual heat points?

A module individual heat point is used to solve the following tasks:

  • Full-fledged reception of the heat carrier from the main source;
  • Accounting of incoming heat;
  • Control of pre-set values of heat parameters is carried out in automatic mode;
  • Transfer of the energy received at the input to the existing heat supply systems of the building;

The main purpose of using this equipment is to create conditions for saving energy, to reduce bills for utility payments for each apartment in the building.

Build options

Two options of construction of this facility are distinguished.

According to the first technology, the components are brought on site, where it is supposed to be assembled. It is convenient, if such design will be placed, for example, in a basement, and by any stretch, it will impossible to put the finished carcass there.

The second option is becoming popular recently. Installation in this case is carried out at the production, where the original components are made. The difference from the on-site assembly is that the construction takes the form of completely factory-finished complex product. In this case it will be called a module individual heat point. Today, these designs are gaining in popularity, and year by year the manufacturers continue to produce them.


There are a lot of them, to name the main ones:

  • Easy installation process, no need to hire highly specialized staff;
  • The terms of work related to design, installation and adjustment are reduced;

Process of the distribution and accounting of heat, supplied into the module individual heat point, is automated and does not require a large number of service personnel. As a result of comprehensive automation, there are savings in the process of operation.