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Warm building: advantages and disadvantages

Warm building: advantages and disadvantages

Warm building is easy!

Now, thanks to the creation of new technologies in the western market, there was a qualitative leap in the designing of apartment adjustment and heat load. Moreover, the main type of the heating units was the IHP equipment. For Russia it is an excellent example of achieving quality service of central heating networks and creating more comfortable conditions for life and work of people. Our company "Regional Energy Efficiency Office" performs installation and adaptation of modern heat supply systems, which will help to make your building more comfortable and attractive.

Advantages and disadvantages

The advantage of heating through an individual heat point is a small amount of hot water, which helps to abandon the recycling valves. The automatic system supports the necessary thermal climate in the building and accounts for the costs of the energy consumed. However, the apartment IHP equipment is quite expensive, but when introducing our unique technologies in the heating unit, there is a significant reduction in the cost of equipment, so it is economically advantageous to install them both in a new residential quarter, and in already habitable one.

In order to achieve the necessary efficiency of energy exchange, the functioning of all systems of the heating unit is important. Unfortunately, in most cities, debugging of systems is performed at an unsatisfactory level. The scope of application of such heat supply system is limited to the water temperature, and the maximum temperature is 110 degrees. But the IHP equipment in the open heat supply systems is more efficient than in the closed lines. Trade of this type of equipment is beneficial to manufacturers, since it will require the installation of additional costly parts. Our company is ready to pick up for you the best option for equipping the building with heating, which will be efficient and economically advantageous.