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Trends in the development of multi-apartment heating

Trends in the development of multi-apartment heating

New trends in apartment heating

There are various heating control systems. Previously, the central heating control system was commonly used when the water temperature and the time of its supply was regulated directly at the TPP. Now the manufacturers of the multi-apartment buildings gradually transit to the system of individual control, when the owner of the apartment can independently adjust the temperature using personal IHP equipment. Our company "Regional Energy Efficiency Office" is operating in this sphere, providing services to the individuals and official entities.


Along with the growth of popularity on foreign goods, the IHP equipment is being purchased more often, because foreign brands are actively advertised in Russia. Thanks to this, the elite residential quarters are equipped with these systems. However, the equipment has both advantages and disadvantages.


  • The piping to the building consists of three, not four pipes;
  • The owner can regulate the climate independently;
  • In case of local heating accidents, it is not necessary to disconnect the entire pipeline.

At the same time there are shortcomings, some of which are justified by the lack of adaptation of the equipment to Russian hardware:

  • Foreign installations do not take into account that "worked-out" network water, circulating backwards can be uses for heating in Russia and, as a result, the efficiency of the line decreases;
  • The equipment is expensive and increases the price of housing for the buyers.

However, against the backdrop of growing popularity of the western aggregates and the desire of the owners to fully manage the climate in their homes, these units continue to gain popularity. Our company makes installation and commissioning of heating, and we are also ready to carry out maintenance of your equipment.