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Thermovision inspection of windows: Quality of installation and sealing of glass units

Thermovision inspection of windows: Quality of installation and sealing of glass units

“Regional Energy Efficiency Office” offers thermovision inspection of windows, involving the innovative equipment and qualified construction engineers. Quality control of the installation of translucent elements is important in identifying the defects in the work and finding ways to eliminate them. The result of the procedure involves the preparation of a detailed laboratory conclusion, supported by defect maps.

When should the study be conducted?

The examination of constructions is relevant in case of conflict between the client and the company that installs the windows. The instrumental analysis will be an indisputable proof of the rightness of one of the parties in the current proceedings.

Thermovision inspection of windows helps:

  • In violation of tightness, reducing the level of noise insulation of the room, the losses;
  • Appearance of mold on internal surfaces;
  • Excessive freezing/fogging of glass;
  • Difficulties in the process of using the window, fittings (difficulty in closing the shutters, seizing of the lock mechanism, etc.).

“Regional Energy Efficiency Office” is guided by the existing SNIPs and GOSTs of the Russian Federation, identifying technical errors made by the workmen during installation.

Types of hidden elements of defects

What problems are detected by the examination?

  1. Window defects, including deformation of profiles, depressurization of the double-glass package.
  2. Defects of the jambs, foam ruptures, lack of insulating material.
  3. Malfunctions of the fittings.
  4. Defects in the installation of the door.

Window thermovision inspection is completed with the creation of defect maps for each installer error. The information obtained allows you to make an accurate report that includes information about the revealed defects and the ways of their elimination. Based on the report, the customer gets the right to require the contractor to eliminated the errors or to reduce the price of construction.