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Thermovision inspection of a residential building

Thermovision inspection of a residential building

Buildings and other structures, erected without a timely check for latent defects in energy saving, consume a large number of reserves for heating needs. A high-quality thermovision inspection of the building will reduce these costs, but they are only possible if the technology for the control of these works is observed. To this end, we invite a company that provides services in the field of energy audit of the buildings. These activities also relate to diagnostic measures for elimination of thermal insulation violations of already adopted or existing structures.

Scope of application

“Regional Energy Efficiency Office” carries out thermovision inspection of the building and other facilities, guided by GOST 54852-2011. Construction, as well as energy sectors widely use such services to improve the quality of services. Advantages in carrying out the construction and energy expertise:

  1. The inspection gives the buyer of the property evidence to claim the contractor (if any).

  2. Provision of documentary and reasoned requirements for correction of defects or for claiming the discount in the cost of construction.

  3. This is one of the best, highly effective methods in obtaining expert visual data on the actual state of electricity and power systems.

  4. Excellent quality and credibility of information.

  5. A great advantage is the safe conduct of diagnostics, which does not require contact with the facility, all activities are made remotely.

  6. Optimal price of the produced manipulations, as well as excellent results.

Thermovision inspection of the building is a real possibility to exclude defects during construction, to make it suitable for work and living of the person. Activities on thermovision inspection and correction of errors are made by high-class experts who are qualified in various kinds of assembly manipulations, and have appropriate construction education and authorizations by State Construction Supervision and Inspection Service of the Russian Federation.