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Thermovision inspection as quality control

Thermovision inspection as quality control

Today, thermovision inspection is a direction innovative and at the same time already habitual for many, which allows to control the quality of construction and repair works. In order to give an opinion on what is the cause of heat leakage from the premises, it is necessary to carry out an instrumental examination at the location of the facility. The thermovision inspection, which is implemented by “Regional Energy Efficiency Office”, is carried out at a high-quality level, which is provided by three main components. Let's consider them in more detail in order to understand this matter and to know what is being discussed.

How to conduct all procedures

There are several key factors that allow you to receive quality raw data. Among them you can distinguish the main ones that are critical to success.

Equipment used

When conducting surveys with our company, we use only professional cameras NEC jointly produced by the USA and Japan. This equipment is highly accurate, which gives an opportunity to obtain objective results.

Professional staff

Thermovision inspection is performed exclusively by highly qualified employees who are required to meet two basic requirements:

  • Higher engineering and construction education.
  • Availability of Qualification Certificate of State Construction Supervision and Inspection Service.

Carrying out all works in accordance with GOST standards

In order for the thermovision inspection to give accurate and objective results, it should be carried out, focusing on the legislative acts in force in this area. For construction sphere such guideline is GOST 54852-2011.

Only joining together all these three factors gives an opportunity to get pictures showing the sources of possible defects and heat losses.