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Thermovision inspection as a method of improving living conditions

Thermovision inspection as a method of improving living conditions

Coziness and comfort of the apartment in many respects depend on high-quality heat and waterproofing. Modern qualified construction organizations, performing external and internal furnishing of the building, do not forget about the technical side of their work. To exclude thermal losses of a building, as well as the defects of construction-finishing works, you can order thermovision inspection of the residential building. Technically competent experts at each stage make control by means of thermovision inspection equipment, such activities are carried out for the qualitative execution of the project, and to exclude financial claims and costly corrections in future construction. The result of the qualified diagnosis of the structure is made up as a report in the form of an analytical check with a detailed description of the construction defects, maps, and will be attached to the corresponding GOST classifications.

Thermovision inspection of a dwelling building reveals the following types of typical errors of technical defects of a latent character:

  1. Definition of thermal insulation defects during construction.

  2. Assessment of the quality of the protective thermal envelope of the building.

  3. Detection of defects at installation of window frames and loss of tightness of double-glazed windows.

  4. Inspection of the quality of pipe laying in warm floors, detection of errors during installation. As well as the definition of temperature modes of heating.

  5. Detection of permeability, as well as thermal losses of structures.

  6. Control in the design of ventilation and air exchange.

  7. Other activities.

The visual possibilities of evaluating this method, as well as the relevance of the information received, are of unprecedented importance. Thermovision inspection of a residential building has a great advantage in comparison with other methods of testing, being safe during diagnostics, it does not require contact with the facility, because all activities are carried out remotely. Our company controls compliance with the requirements of the State Architectural Construction Survey (SACS).