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Thermovision inspection of buildings and enclosing structures

Thermovision inspection of buildings and enclosing structures

Having ordered the thermovision inspection of the enclosing structures, the client has an opportunity to quickly detect invisible defects of the building without destroying the erected elements of the building. The technology allows to make an inspection and to give the conclusion on a condition of structure in several directions:

  • Ventilation system efficiency;
  • Degree of intensity of air infiltration;
  • Sites of violation of thermal insulation protection of the building.

The essence of thermovision inspection

Thermographic technology of detection of defects is the most effective and cheap way of diagnostics at any stages of construction and during reconstruction of buildings and structures. The relevance of the methodology is explained by high reliability and efficiency of diagnostics with minimal expenses of technical and human resources.

Imperfection of thermal protection, which will be detected by thermovision inspection of enclosing structures, may be the result of errors in the design, implementation of incorrect construction solutions, use of low-quality thermal insulation materials. All these factors significantly reduce the energy efficiency of the buildings, creating conditions for increased consumption of resources. In addition, the revealed defects reduce the level of comfort in the premises, worsening the microclimate.

Thermovision inspection equipment

“Regional Energy Efficiency Office” applies thermal imaging cameras produced by the USA and Japan to scan the enclosing structure. Technological and expensive devices allow to receive infra-red thermogram, displaying the slightest temperature fluctuations. Based on the data on the difference of temperatures at different sites of the facilities, one can be judge about the quality of construction and insulation.

Stages of infrared survey

The technological thermovision inspection of enclosing structures is carried out in several stages:

  • Diagnostics of internal surfaces of enclosing structure;
  • External scanning of the building;
  • Entering the information in the computer and analysis of the obtained results;
  • Drawing up a map of defects with a detailed description of all identified deficiencies;
  • Development of a list of recommendations for improving the quality of enclosing structure and improving the energy efficiency of the building.