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Technical thermovision inspection

Technical thermovision inspection

Thermovision inspection is a unique technology, which belongs to the latest direction of quality control over the construction of buildings, and the service refers to the diagnostic measures for the elimination of thermal insulation violations of the structures. “Regional Energy Efficiency Office” carries out thermovision inspection in accordance with GOST 54852-2011.

Scope of the technology application

The technical thermovision inspection by our company is performed for various types of construction and installation works. It is also a great possibility of diagnostics of the equipment at the specialized enterprises, e.g., diagnostics on loss of tightness of refrigerating chambers and low-temperature warehouses. The main types of our services are:

  1. Check of temperature protection of the enclosing structure structures.

  2. Control of compliance with SACS requirements (State Architectural Construction Supervision) in the design of the enclosing systems for air exchange and permeability.

  3. Revealing of latent heat losses, water pockets and other concomitant defects in energy saving of flat roof of the buildings.

  4. Detection of hidden leaks in sewage, heating and water supply systems (without opening floors and walls).

  5. Inspection of residential premises of the developer for the presence of hidden errors in construction.

  6. Expertise on installation of window frames, facades, double-glazed windows and detection of installation errors.

  7. Quality control of the produced construction.

We produce works on energy audit of buildings, the list of works also includes thermovision inspection of industrial enterprises. We have high-precision equipment, as well as the staff of professionals who have received the appropriate engineering education and construction training is the big advantage of our company. Each employee has a qualification certificate from State Construction Supervision and Inspection Service of Russia.