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Switching to a new heating model

Switching to a new heating model

Switching to a new heating model

The temperature readings in the apartment fall, while the bills for heating continue to increase, or the first of these indicators pursues the second with the same speed one of them moves away from the other. It is the common effort which can help to achieve normalization of this “heating chaos”, by installing a complex of climate regulation in the multi-apartment building, or the IHP system is obligatory.

Automatic heat point or climate regulation in MAB

There are several options to correct such disruptions and significant savings. One of the most reliable is the climate regulator. It is an integrated instrument for controlling the production, distribution and consumption of heat depending on the ambient temperature and time. Moreover, the IHP system, equipped with such a device, is a a full-fledged complex for automatic control of heat supply. This line is to be applied for heating and hot water supply.

Operation principle

In other words, it is a custom-built closed water supply system, under a specific residential area. Water passes through the pump along the pipes to the heat carriers, and then back. The unique IHP system takes into account the water losses during the heating process and replenishes the necessary quantity by means of the connected pipe line to the water conduit. For the operation control, it is necessary to monitor extraneous noise and vibration. Do not allow the engine to overheat and clean the filters in time.

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