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Services of drawing up the energy performance certificate

Services of drawing up the energy performance certificate

The legislation requires: every five years state and municipal enterprises and institutions, which spend more than 50 million rubles on the supply of their capital assets per year, prepare energy performance certificate. This does not mean that the representatives of these institutions need to draw up energy performance certificate themselves. For this purpose, there are special firms. We suggest considering how to choose such company and what documents it should have to be entitled to carry out such works.

Basic requirements

In order the energy performance certificate is drawn up in full compliance with the legal requirements, the company you plan to hire is not required to have a special license. Instead, the energy auditors shall have certificates from self-regulatory organization (SRO). It is authorized to issue certificates in the field of energy.

The main condition for obtaining this certificate, as well as the possibility of drawing up energy performance certificate for future customers, is compliance with the requirements of Federal Law No. 261. This law prescribes the main principles of energy saving applicable in the country, describes the measures that should be taken to improve energy efficiency.

In order to check if the company is authorized to assist in solving problems, to provide services, you should go to the website of the appropriate SRO and find this organization in the list.

What other services, besides preparation of documents can be provided by such firms?

Energy audit

In today's world, conducting such operations is very important. As a result of rendering of such services, it is found out, where there are losses of heat in buildings and constructions, and what measures are taken for their elimination.

Development of the energy efficiency program

When gas, heating and electricity bills come to you, you wonder how to cut them. The answer to this question can be given by the professionals in the field of energy.