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Selecting the IHP with the climate regulation

Selecting the IHP with the climate regulation

All tenants of the multi-apartment buildings that are connected to the TPP, for sure have been in a situation when the outside temperature is close to zero, and inside the apartment the radiators are heated so hard that one is forced to open windows wide. There is also a reverse situation: when it is furiously cold outside, and the radiators operate in normal mode, so you have to use additional heaters or air conditioning.

It is good, when the cost of heating is low, and money spent on these purposes are not critical. But when the price of energy carriers rolls over all conceivable limits, you are forced to think about the economy.

Temperature-dependent adjustment

There is no better option in this case than to use climate regulation. Today the importance of this component in the system of heat supply of the buildings cannot be overestimated. Its efficiency depends on the characteristics chosen at the very beginning, when designing the system of heat and hot water supply. That is why such heating units are given great attention both in the new construction and in the thermal modernization of buildings.

The availability of controllers responding to temperature change of the environment, enables the IHP with climate regulation to implement qualitative and quantitative regulation of the heat carrier fed into the heat supply system. It is these design elements that allow to:

  • Measure the temperature of the outside air and adjust the temperature of the heat fed to the multi-apartment building;
  • Control the valve according to the programs that were originally set;
  • Exchange data with the server and save information for statistics.
  • Installing the climate regulation, you can be sure that the invested funds will be paid off during one heating season, and in the future your heating costs will be reduced by at least a quarter.