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Reorganization of individual heat point

Reorganization of individual heat point

IHP reorganization

Individual heat point allows you to establish and maintain heat on a certain limited territory.  Installation of such a system begins with the completion of the required equipment and its measurements, the list may include climate regulation.  After collecting the necessary parts of the installation, the electronics are set up.  The final part of the installation is the debugging and testing of the line operation.  All heat supply systems are mandatory equipped with steel fittings. Connection of the elements is done by welding method.  For the correct operation of the structure, the filter and subscriber sump are installed, which protect the line from the damage with coarse particles and clogging.

Advantages of the installation

  1. The replacement of the standard line on the individual heating unit allows you to reduce the operating costs by reducing the overheat of the systems.

  2. Also, the climate regulation can reduce the extra costs by increasing the efficiency of heating circuits adjustment.

  3. The third advantage of the unit is the reduction of heat loss without major repairs and substantial savings for maintenance.

  4. Excellent indicators on the determination of the temperature, taking into account climatic conditions and regulation of the working environment occurs if you install the climate regulation.

  5. The distribution of the heat point allows you to further reduce the noise level and does not take much space.

It is important to note that one of the main requirements in the design and equipping of the unit is the qualified personnel.  Our company performs the whole range of services of this direction, including debugging, adjustment, correction, repair and service maintenance of the heating unit.  Please contact our organization, we will complete the tasks qualitatively and within a short time.