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Quality of thermovision inspection

Quality of thermovision inspection

The thermovision inspection is instrumental and its accuracy depends primarily on the class of equipment used. The calculation of the cost of such analysis is based mainly on the depreciation of both the thermal imaging camera and the software. Special attention should be paid to the following features:

1. Purpose of the thermal imaging camera and its software:

  • Tools with professional software developed for professional control during construction works;
  • General purpose devices with basic software;
  • Devices without software intended for hunting and observation.

2. Matrix:

  • High contrast bolometric matrix 320 * 240 dpi and above, specialized software equipment designed for analysis. The cost of such equipment is in the range from 800 thousand to 1.5 million rubles.
  • Standard matrices 160 * 120 dpi peculiar to general purpose devices, very popular among the suppliers of energy audit services. The price ranges from 150 to 500 thousand rubles.
  • The simplest models produced in China without software. It should be borne in mind that "inexpensive" services produced by means of such tools will not bring the desired exact result.

In some models there is a possibility of digital change of thermograms, but you can’t expect qualitative result from such actions. Images from the middle and low level thermal imaging camera (160 * 120 dpi and below). Their enlargement only leads to a strong blur. Such research is not informative and will not reveal defects and disturbances. In the thermovision inspection of the buildings under construction, the importance of the highest clarity of the final thermograms is paramount. Exclusively specialized high-class equipment, created for the analysis, is distinguished by precise detail of thermograms. Detection of all hidden defects of construction is possible only with the use of a high-quality device.

The quality of the final report depends directly on the class of the technical device and its software

The thermovision inspection implies receipt of the reporting documentation. The trend of the last decade was the emergence of a mass of companies offering such services. Unfortunately, most of them do not have the equipment to carry out high-quality works. And most often the customer gets a set of poor-quality color images attached to the energy performance certificate. When choosing a company for cooperation, you should pay special attention to the manner in which the report on the work performed, because the technique of different classes provides different quality and content of the map defects.