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Quality control of thermal protection of external walls of a residential building

Quality control of thermal protection of external walls of a residential building

In accordance with Order No. 1 of the General Directorate of Construction Supervision of the Moscow region, starting from early 2014, the commissioning of newly constructed facilities requires the availability of thermovision inspection control results. If a thermovision inspection is not performed, no readiness certificate will be issued.

Thermal protection instrumentation survey

Survey of the enclosing structures of the building is performed with the help of thermovision inspection equipment produced in Japan and the USA. The specialists of “Regional Energy Efficiency Office” have been accredited and have the certificate allowing to produce heat control. The conclusion with the results of scanning will be required by:

  • Construction supervision bodies for the finished construction objects;
  • Customers for objective control over the quality of the work performed;
  • Organizations of housing and communal services for calculating the insulation qualities of the building.

Defects detected by the thermovision inspection method

While performing thermovision inspection examination of the apartment building, it becomes possible to detect the following invisible defects:

  • Structural flaws of walls, cracks in enclosing structures, substandard seams between the panels;
  • Sites of possible accumulation of moisture and formation of condensation;
  • Hidden water leakage;
  • Through cracks;
  • Errors during installation of windows and other translucent constructions;
  • Violation of insulation material technology or wrong choice of its thickness and density;
  • Poor masonry;
  • Overheating of electrical wiring;
  • Points of liquid infiltration through external walls;
  • Errors made at the design stage and implementation of inappropriate construction solutions.

The practical benefits of thermovision inspection diagnostics

Scanning with thermal imaging camera gives complete information about the current state of the building, allowing to save on costly repairs. If the building thermovision inspection is ordered by the owner or the insurance company, the information received is an important argument in the event of a controversial situation. Diagnostics allows to rationally develop a complex of measures on increasing the energy efficiency of the building and reduce heat losses.