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Purchasing the IHP individual heat point

Purchasing the IHP individual heat point

The companies that produce the IHP individual heat point do not assemble it based on their wishes and experience. To make things right, they use the relevant technical conditions, GOSTs or other regulatory documents that are currently in force.

However, many issues are considered by the designers, and then they have a space for creativity. They are responsible for the choice of suppliers of equipment, choosing between domestic and foreign manufacturers. This is assisted by the customers who clearly understand the financial possibilities.

IHP installation objectives

What is the situation today? Most of the residential and public buildings are now heated by means of heat carriers that are supplied from a centralized heat supply system. The individual heat point allows you:

  • To make safe operation of the central heat supply system, which will be protected from pressure drops;
  • To reduce the length of pipelines that supply heat by twice;
  • To automate the process of adjusting the temperature in the pipes depending on the outside temperature, as well as the time of day and days of the week;
  • To exclude the possibility that the system freezes during cold season;
  • To create a data control system concerning the work of the IHP, which saves and archives data. As a result, the costs for maintenance personnel are reduced.

The IHP individual heat point consists of several components, among which are the automatic control and measurement devices, the valves and regulators, as well as many other components.