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Purchasing the IHP

Purchasing the IHP

Modern heat supply systems should ensure the fulfillment of certain tasks. An excellent solution would be to buy an individual thermal point, which is a unique system for heating and will fit into the livelihoods of the building. It distributes the heat carrier supply to all consumers. The good adjustment of all the components of the IHP will influence your comfort and warmth in the building. It is desirable to carry out the following activities:

  1. First, this design is installed to regulate the heating energy that is fed into the system and needs to be checked.

  2. In solving such problems, the option will be to buy an individual heating point on a turnkey basis and to optimize it depending on your own requirements.

  3. At the same time, the control should be carried out, guided not by the temperature in any pipeline, but by the temperature indicators in the return line.

  4. Second, it is necessary to regulate the circulation of the hot water (in another way) – to control for the reduction of heat content, it should correspond to the level approved by the heat supply regulations.

  5. Third, it is necessary to minimize errors in the operation of commercial equipment for consumption accounting.

  6. And to address the issue of scaling particles in the heat exchanger.

Our capabilities

The company “Regional Energy Efficiency Office” performs various works on design, installation and repair of heating networks, as well as start-up and debugging of these systems. We offer appropriate consultations and estimates. Our qualified specialists will help you to solve all heating difficulties and offer to buy individual heating point, for optimization of heating units and economy of budget. We cooperate and render services to the official housing and commercial facilities and private clients.