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Pressure drop and leakage in private building heating systems

Pressure drop and leakage in private building heating systems

A few years after the operation of the individual closed heat supply system, the homeowners may face the problem of a sharp drop in pressure and a gradual violation of the mode of heating equipment. To resolve the problem, you must find the cause.

Coolant leaks

One of the reasons for the pressure reduction is the leakage of coolant from the pipeline. In the open areas the leak can be detected visually, and eliminated. In case of hidden leaks, thermal inspection of cottages will help to detect the leak if the pipe is hidden in the wall, screed. The most often the leak is found in the places of connection of a pipeline, but there are cases of damage of a pipe and on other sites for the following reasons:

  • Corrosion;
  • Low-quality production of works at the stage of installation;
  • Puncture and other mechanical damage as a result of finishing works;
  • Factory defect.

Failure of the compensation tank membrane

The compensatory (expansion) tank consists of two cavities, one of which is filled with gas, and the other – with water. The cavities are separated by an elastic membrane. During the operation of the device, the membrane can give a crack, which will lead to a drop in pressure. A precise thermovision inspection of the cottages will show a membrane gap without disassembly of the unit.

Microscopic defects of the boiler heat exchanger

During the operation of the boiler equipment and during the prophylactic cleaning of the heat exchanger, the wall of the unit can receive microscopic damage, which is impossible to detect with the naked eye. Wall wear leads to cracks that leak. Once the burner is started and the device heats up, the liquid quickly evaporates, not managing to accumulate. For this reason, only thermovision inspection of cottages will help to detect this defect.


The closed heat supply system of the private building is equipped with the so-called air pocket. Gradually, the air is released together with the work of the system vents, which leads to a decrease in pressure.