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Precision Instruments in the IHP

Precision Instruments in the IHP

The pressure regulator is one of the main parts of the heat point. It performs several functions without which the heating unit could not work.

Water is supplied with increased pressure. Its value is higher than required for the correct functioning of the elevator pump. In this case it need to be regulated.

One of the important devices

When the maximum permissible pressure values are exceeded, the cavitation mode is started for the regulator.

It also produces regulation of water consumption if the regulator has two impulse lines (return, supply).

It is mandatory to install a filter before the water meter. This is the order of designing individual heat points with automatic regulation.

Types of accounting instruments used


  • tachometer;
  • ultrasonic;
  • electromagnetic;
  • whirlpool.

What you choose is quite important for the quality of the system. The best solution is to install individual heat points with automatic regulation. Although electromagnetic meters are the most common nowadays.

There is a separation of a stream after this device. One part is sent to the hot water pipeline, and the rest is directed to the needs of heat supply.

The core of the IHP is an elevator pump that performs fluid mixing. Accordingly, it has a number of main parts in its design: suction manifold, nozzle, mixing chamber, where there is a mixing of two streams and adjustment of pressure, receiving chamber and diffuser. And in short, it performs the function of the mixing pump. Everything is quite simple and clear.

Our organization performs installation and debugging of heating networks and aggregates. We also mount individual heat points with automatic regulation and debug them. Our employees have all the necessary permits and authorizations for these types of work. By addressing us, you will be pleasantly surprised by the high level of service and fast implementation of the arrangements.