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Possible options for obtaining energy performance certificate

Possible options for obtaining energy performance certificate

Many are asking whether filling up energy performance certificate affects the outcome of its approval in the inspection bodies? We assure you that it is not possible in general — if a responsible and result-oriented organization is involved in obtaining the document, then usually there are no problems.

What is this document

Those who have at least once participated in the filling up energy performance certificate know that this is a document that has a corresponding example, approved by law. All these issues are regulated by Order of the Ministry of Energy No. 400, which was issued on June 30, 2016.

Two options of legal energy performance certificate registration are possible.

Issued to the organization as a whole

The energy performance certificate can be issued to a legal entity. Such entity may be:

  • Organization;
  • Enterprise;
  • Institution.

The list of those who should apply for this document includes state and municipal legal entities, as well as private companies, if their total payment for power consumption exceeds 50 million rubles per year. Others can be issued on request.

In this case all real estate items (buildings, constructions) and movable property (means of transport) will be included in the document. The main feature of registering in the energy performance certificate is the organization legal form. This is useful when you have a primary issue and you want to consider all the objects.

It is issued for separate facilities

However, what to do if all facilities are already registered in the energy performance certificate, and a new object is put into operation — a building is erected, a warehouse is remounted or a machine is purchased? In this case, the document required by the legislation is drawn up for the object taken on balance for the first time.

For a new object filling up the energy performance certificate is a prerequisite for it to be commissioned.