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Performing thermovision inspection

Performing thermovision inspection

Performance of professional thermovision inspection is carried out using high-tech equipment. In order for the result to be accurate and informative, special requirements of quality GOST 54852-2011 are developed. This document contains a clear regulation that fully regulates the process. This ensures that the customer receives reliable data. The main indications from the regulation EN 13187:1999, developed in Europe at the end of the XX century, were also considered.

We have prepared a few extracts from the regulatory document:

P.6.2 The temperature drop inside and outside the room shall be not less than 15°C.

Therefore, the necessary conditions for research within the facility under investigation-not less than +15°C, outside 0°C. Ideally it will be if inside the facility the air temperature will be + 20... 25°C and  0... 10 °C outside.

P.6.3. Thermovision inspection control is carried out during the heat transfer mode through a special envelope construction close to the stationary one.

This means that the thermovision inspection should be carried out in the autumn-winter period. Use of additional means for change of pressure or temperature is forbidden by GOST requirements because it violates stationary conditions of analysis, and the resulting data will be incorrect.

If the company offering you its services insists on using blower door, this means that they use low-class techniques to perform the work. It is unlikely that the result will satisfy your requirements.

P.6.4. All tested surfaces should not be located in the zones of solar irradiation (both reflected and direct) during 12 h before measurements will be made. The doors and windows should be kept in a fixed position for 12 hours before the start, as well as in the process of removing the necessary measurements.

It follows from this point that to provide the necessary stationary temperature conditions inside the object, all possible openings (doors, windows) should be kept closed. In order to ensure that sunlight does not affect the final results, the analysis is conducted in the morning, more often than not before the sun has risen. If the measurement works are assigned to you around noon, feel free to refuse, as the received data will be erroneous.

You now have a better understanding of the thermovision inspection process.

Acquaintance with class differences of the used technics and principles of formation of cost of service will help to make the right choice.