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Need for thermovision inspection of the windows

Need for thermovision inspection of the windows

“Regional Energy Efficiency Office” carries out thermovision inspection of windows. We assess the quality of manufacturing and installation of all light-transparent structures – windows, glass doors, stained glass. As a result of our research there is a so-called map of defects where all elements of defects are isolated. It does not matter whether it is production or assembly flaws, the main thing is that they cause a substantial leakage of heat from the room. This means that your expenses for heating the premises will decrease significantly.

Why such examinations are conducted

There are several reasons why we are asked for help. And every time we are ready to help you to solve all your problems. Here are some of them:

  1. Resolving disputes between the customer and the manufacturer of the window systems

In our work we are guided by GOSTs and SNIPs, which are applied in the territory of the Russian Federation and relate to the quality of construction works. They regulate the basic characteristics of window systems. And if the contractor does not observe them, it may be the basis for partial refund or imposing penalties. Our conclusions on the results of the thermovision inspection of the windows can be a proof of the rightness of the customer or contractor, depending on the conclusion, which is obtained by the results of instrumental research.

2. Settlement of disputes between the developer and the buyer of the apartments

Quality of construction is the main task of the developer. All the problems that arise in this regard are the unscrupulous discharge of its duties. In this case the buyer of the apartment can sue if such requirements have been stipulated in advance in the contract. The results of window thermovision inspection can be a significant argument in pre-trial investigations or trials.