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The need to obtain energy performance certificate

The need to obtain energy performance certificate

According to the current legislation in the energy field, certain categories of state and municipal organizations and institutions are obliged to produce energy performance certificates. This provision is contained in the federal law which regulates the issues of energy saving and energy efficiency, as well as in the decree of the Russian government, which was issued in August 2014.

It is obvious that such documents should not be prepared by the energy engineers and other persons who are members of the organization. Let's take a look at those who should order energy performance certificate and who should draw it up it as a result.

What are the conditions for drawing up energy performance certificate

Not all state institutions are obliged to obtain such a document. There are certain requirements. The main one is as follows: the energy performance certificate is obligatory for those who pay for energy consumption more than 50 million rubles during the calendar year. The figure seems impressive at first sight, but if you break it down by months of payment and take into account the territory that should be warmed up, it turns out not that big. Energy sources may be:

  • Natural gas;
  • Oil;
  • Coal;
  • Electricity.

All other state and municipal organizations whose payments for the production of thermal energy are lower than the threshold specified in the law have a choice. They can either submit an energy declaration, or order energy performance certificate. Each of these options has its advantages and disadvantages, which can be considered in more detail.

Submitting the energy declaration

It shall be submitted annually. The organization carries out these works independently, without attraction of the external experts, and also independently registers the declaration in the Ministry of Energy.

Issuing the energy performance certificate

It shall be registered once every five years. Responsibility for conducting energy survey and registration of the energy performance certificate is assumed by the company-auditor.