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Modern heating

Modern heating

The heat point in a modern building is not just a functioning heating unit, the requirements for such construction are much higher. Low price and attractive exterior have also become important issues in the creation of heating. External compartments of the heating unit (which can be seen in rooms, such as radiators) affect the interior of the room, and therefore this nuance should be taken into account.

For the design of the heating unit corresponding to the time requirements, we use the following types of radiators:

  1. Aluminum.
  2. Bimetallic.
  3. Copper.
  4. Plastic.
  5. Steel.
  6. Lithium-bromide.
  7. Iron.
  8. Plinth convector devices.
  9. Convectors in the floor.

At your request, highly skilled workers of our company can design and make installation of any complexity on a turnkey basis. In particular, to make the design cheaper, a circuit with a single-step parallel line of the unit is often applied. As well as for additional cost reduction of the construction lining, we have unique technologies for creating a serviceable complex.

The company "Regional Energy Efficiency Office" performs work on creation of an effective heat point. Our staff will organize and produce all necessary actions, having carried out installation and qualitatively and on time. Proven technologies and non-standard solutions allow to design first-class heat supply systems, which not only work perfectly, but also correspond to modern design in the premises. We work with official and private persons, conclude contracts for installation and subsequent maintenance, and also perform other types of works, including thermovision inspection of premises, buildings and refrigeration units.