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Modern alternative to outdated networks

Modern alternative to outdated networks

Modern alternative to outdated networks

In Russia, the heat supply systems of cities are very outdated. Therefore, accidents on pipelines are very frequent. Temperature degree of hot water supply fluctuates relative to the location of the consumer from the central heat points. These problems are solved by the introduction of specialized equipment, this requires the IHP project.

In the CIS countries, heating with the use of transit and local heat stations is widespread.  The central points work in the districts, and the local ones - in the quarters.  Their operation principle is as follows: the thermal station heats the heat carrier, i.e. process water, it does not harm the pipes, but is not suitable for drinking.

The heat carrier from the thermal station reaches the heating unit, gives warmth in the heat exchanger and goes back.  Furthermore, in the heat exchanger, the energy from the heat carrier from the thermal station, heats the water, treated for the consumer and suitable for drinking.  The temperature in the apartments located closer to the heating units will be higher than in the buildings situated away from them.  This is due to the loss of heat on the pipeline. To solve these problems, the IHP project can be used: this option is optimal in comparison with the normal line.

The introduction of modern heating equipment reduces the length of corrosion-prone pipes to a minimum.  Since this line is installed directly in the living rooms, it allows you to control the temperature of hot water supply individually.  Another advantage is the ability to install the meter, directly at the subscriber.  Thus, the IHP project allows to control expenses more precisely and to minimize losses.

Such heating unit is economically advantageous and guarantees stable operation of the hot water supply and the system as a whole.  Which is a favorable indicator both for the consumer and for the housing and utilities sector.  Our company offers realization of this kind of projects qualitatively, without intermediaries and within a short time.