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Ministry of Energy and the energy performance certificate: determine the cost

Ministry of Energy and the energy performance certificate: determine the cost

According to the requirements of the current legislation, some companies must have energy performance certificate by the Ministry of Energy. Of course, not all organizations should have them, mandatory circle of strictly limited. To make the issue of the document mandatory, the company must comply with the following characteristics:

  • Relate to state or municipal property;
  • Spend on the supply over 50 million rubles per year.

The other organizations that do not fall under the criteria are not required to have energy performance certificate by the Ministry of Energy. They can do it on their own initiative. Otherwise, they need to annually submit energy declaration. In modern conditions, it is not known what procedure is less costly in terms of money and time.

How to determine the cost of preparation?

Many factors affect this parameter. It is possible to specify objective (number of buildings, their area, consumption of various kinds of energy in annual calculation) and subjective. While the first group is clear, and there is a direct proportionality, the second one is more complicated.

Organization type

The price depends on who orders the production of papers. If the industrial enterprise, then the price will be one. When it comes to an apartment building, the other. If a document relating to the institution is created, the third. You will be able to address these issues in more detail in the form you plan to contact.

Availability of additional facilities related to the energy sector

If there is a boiler room in the territory, the cost to be paid for the Ministry of Energy will be increased. This applies to the availability of specialized equipment and technological complexes.

Availability of vehicles and branches

If the company has a fleet, it shall be registered in the document. If the company has branches and subdivisions in other areas or cities, they should be disclosed. Therefore, their availability can affect the cost.