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Methods used to determine energy efficiency class

Methods used to determine energy efficiency class

The concern for rational distribution of energy resources forces the developers and inspectors of appropriate organizations to identify the class of energy efficiency of the building. A couple of decades ago, the importance of energy conservation was thought to be little, so the energy efficiency signs are not available on all buildings built before the 90s. But modern methods allow to identify key indicators of consumption of resources not only in the new buildings, but also in old buildings. For the buildings with different peculiarities, specific methods of determining energy efficiency degrees are used.

Modern methods of determining the energy efficiency of the building

The issue of how to determine the class of energy efficiency of the building should be addressed taking into account the characteristics of the facility itself, the years of its construction. For old buildings that have not been reconstructed, completely different methods of verification are used, unlike for newly erected facilities. In total four methods of research are distinguished, based on the analysis of results of which the building is assigned one or another class of energy efficiency, namely:

  1. A method based on short-term measurements. It is meant to study a complex of short-term measurements obtained by means of specific engineering equipment and systems. This results in statistics that are compared with those provided by the equipment manufacturers. The method is suitable for determining the energy efficiency class of a new building.

  2. Method based on long-term serial measurements. It can be used to estimate the class of energy efficiency of the building that has been in use for a long time. This refers to periodic and continuous measurements of resource consumption.

  3. The method of analyzing the indications of consumption metering devices. Long-term measurements are taken into account throughout the building.

  4. Method with the use of computer simulation, allowing to predict possible energy consumption taking into account the peculiarities of the building and its location.

Despite the fact that the class of energy efficiency of the building is determined by applying any of these methods, the third option is recognized the most objective and adequate.