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Installation of the IHP heat point

Installation of the IHP heat point

Sometimes it happens that the energy bills, which are received by the tenants of the multi-apartment building, completely do not meet the required level of services. Usually it is manifested in the fact that the temperature of the radiators in the apartments does not correspond to the negative and frosty weather outside.

Today, after the reorganization of the housing and utilities system, all the responsibility for the maintenance of piping of the building, is borne by the tenants. It is them who must maintain, pay and repair the entrances, basements and other technical premises from the maintenance bill. All costs associated with water, electricity and heat are borne by the owners of the apartments in the multi-apartment building.

The IHP heat point helps to:

  • maintain the required temperature in the pipes that supply heat for heating;
  • rationally deliver it to the apartments, reducing losses and thereby reducing the cost of maintaining the building in general.

All this will have a positive effect on the reduction of the total amount that each particular household will have to pay for the services provided.

By installing the IHP heat point, you can solve these problems once and for all. The company "Regional Energy Efficiency Office" will help you with this, as the design of such units is our direct responsibility and the scope of activity where we have vast experience accumulated.