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The importance of thermovision inspection of the building

The importance of thermovision inspection of the building

Most experts agree: today, thermovision inspection of the building is the best way to identify thermal losses and show hidden construction defects. Conventional methods, without the use of special equipment, do not provide such reliable and proven results.

If you got a competent and conscientious builder, he will easily agree to such a survey. If your developer knows what problems can be revealed, he will refuse the procedure by all means. Many developers, who have already had similar experience in the past, make a point about carrying out such a survey in the contract, in order to carry it out automatically thereafter.

Sequence of works

What is this procedure? It consists of several stages:

Panoramic thermovision investigation

Specialists of "Regional Energy Efficiency Office" with the help of thermal imaging cameras by Japanese company NEC go around the building from all sides. The duration of the test is 1.5-2 hours. The roof, walls and foundation are inspected.

Before this there is a so-called preparatory stage – external weather conditions that can affect the results are measured. The following shall be registered:

  • Air temperature;
  • Humidity;
  • Wind speed and direction;
  • Temperature on the surface of external bearing structures.

This data must be entered into the thermal imaging camera to adjust its initial values.

Internal inspection

Another 1-2 hours are spent indoors. Internal walls and ceilings, windows and window jambs, floors and internal angles are checked. All information is clearly recorded.

Analysis of defects and development of measures to eliminate them

After the thermovision inspection of the building is completed, it is possible to process the received materials on the computer and analyze the obtained thermograms. The results are issued to the customer in the form of the executed report.